Our Partners

No-one changes the world alone. And we can't do our work without the expertise and insights of specialists.

We work with partners who are known for excellence and innovation in the most relevant science and technology and focus on addressing global health issues.

Together, we deliver life-changing research that impacts people every day. 




Enersol is a global leader in rubber and latex testing technologies. 

Based in Australia and Malaysia, Enersol offers laboratory testing services, testing equipment, new equipment design including research and development, consultation service, maintenance and calibration programs as well as training services.

Enersol is accredited as complying with the requirements of ISO17025:2005 and ISO9001:2008. 


IDE Group

IDE Group specialises in product design and development or medical devices.

 With certification to ISO13485, ide can produce documentation required by the European Union, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other bodies to get medical products approved and can manage the regulatory process as required. All design control procedures are ISO13485 compliant, minimising risk and improving manufacturing quality and management process efficiency. 


Burnet Institute

21e_osm_burnet (1).jpg

Burnet is an independent Australian not-for-profit organisation that links medical research with practical action to help solve devastating health problems. Its spans research and project activities in a range of Asian, Pacific and African countries.

With more than 400 staff and students working across cutting-edge research and projects, Burnet's focus in cross-cutting research to address some of the most relevant global health issues including maternal and child health, disease elimination and health risks.